Merging Timelines

There are cas­es where mul­ti­ple users have cod­ed the same movie and they must be merged togeth­er to either com­pare the results of the cod­ing or com­bine the results of the cod­ing into one time­line. To do this, use the merge time­line win­dow fea­ture. The key to using this fea­ture is the cod­ing should be done using the same video of an event or pos­si­bly anoth­er video angle of the same event. This way the codes will syn­chro­nize with the video correctly.

Here are steps to merge 2 time­lines, how­ev­er many time­lines can be merged at once also.

  1. Open 2 time­lines that are linked to the same movie or copy of the same movie.
  2. Select the rows to be merged in each time­line. Individual instances can also be select­ed, if there are instances that should not be includ­ed in the merged timeline.
  3. Choose File > Merge time­line windows
  4. A new time­line will appear with the merged rows of instances. This time­line will not be linked to a movie.
  5. Choose File > Link movie to time­line win­dow… and select the movie that the orig­i­nal time­lines were linked to. The time­line should be saved either next to movie pack­age that it is linked to or be saved inside the movie package.