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Merging Timelines

There are cases where multiple users have coded the same movie and they must be merged together to either compare the results of the coding or combine the results of the coding into one timeline. To do this, use the merge timeline window feature. The key to using this feature is the coding should be done using the same video of an event or possibly another video angle of the same event. This way the codes will synchronize with the video correctly.

Here are steps to merge 2 timelines, however many timelines can be merged at once also.

  1. Open 2 timelines that are linked to the same movie or copy of the same movie.
  2. Select the rows to be merged in each timeline. Individual instances can also be selected, if there are instances that should not be included in the merged timeline.
  3. Choose File > Merge timeline windows
  4. A new timeline will appear with the merged rows of instances. This timeline will not be linked to a movie.
  5. Choose File > Link movie to timeline window… and select the movie that the original timelines were linked to. The timeline should be saved either next to movie package that it is linked to or be saved inside the movie package.