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Fig 6
  • Auto save Timelines – When selected, any opened timeline will be saved automatically as the timeline is updated.
  • Save timeline as XML – This will convert and save timelines in an XML format.
  • To make moving timelines and their movies around a little easier, select the “Group timeline and movie windows” option. The timeline and its movie window will be locked together and can be dragged around together as one. To move them independently, hold down Shift and click and drag on the window to reposition it.
  • Open timelines with playhead set to start if not in ‘Open recent’ moves the playhead to the beginning of the movie if the timeline is not in the opened recent list. If the timeline is in the open recent list, then the last playhead location is set.
  • Try to combine timelines into one video and one audio track – when selected, will create a timeline movie reference file that works better with the Final Cut XML export. Final Cut does not like movies that are made up multiple tracks, especially if they overlap or are otherwise “strange”.
  • Alphabetize rows during coding – Automatically organizes the Timeline rows in A – Z alphabetical order from the top down.

Versions of Sportscode prior to version 8.5.2 cannot open XML timelines.