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Server and Client

The key to setting up this feature is understanding the roles of the server and client as we define them.

  • A Server is computer that sends commands to a client.
  • A Client is a computer that executes the commands sent by a server.
  • A computer can be both a Server and a Client to other computers. This is often the case when mirroring code button pushes between two capture/coding computers.

Connecting To Clients For Remote Communication

Clients can be added and connected in two ways.

Automatic Connection

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 1.51.41 pm
Fig 73A

Click on the Clients button in the list on the left of the Communication window. Clients with remote communications enabled and servers with automatic connection to clients enabled will appear automatically in the main list of the communications window. If the default password for auto connect option is set, it will connect automatically too. The Bonjour icon will appear if connected automatically. If this is not set, then double click on the computer name and set the password in the window. Tick the Initiate recording on client computer if capture needs to be started on the client. A red button will appear next to the computer name when initiate capture is configured. A client is connected, the status column will report connected other wise it will report password required or unable to connect to IP or Port.

Manual Connection

Manually adding clients is used when no clients are readily available on the local area network or the client is being to connected to over the Internet via a public IP address or VLAN. This allows for all client configuration to take place before connecting to any network.

Fig 73b

Add the clients manually by clicking on the Add button in the window.

Fig 73B

Add the IP address or URL for the client, set the password, then press the Test button to check whether the client is ready to communicate. A timeout duration can beset to better synchronize communication.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 2.10.11 pm

A longer timeout duration may need to be set if connecting over the Internet or there is heavy traffic over a slow network. When the password is set and
the test checks out OK, press OK. If the test does not report back a positive result, the client can still be added. The client will be added in the list of clients. When a client is added in this fashion, the computer name will not appear in the list. Remember to set the initiate capture option if required.