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Create a Movie Incorporating the Drawing Window

To create movies incorporating pictures of your analysis use the drawing window. The drawing window is able to create movies that can be combined with other instances.

1. Open up an instance by double clicking on it. Stop the instance movie at the point where you want to make a coaching note with drawing and text. (We shall call this the “original instance window”)

2. Select Edit > Copy movie frame to drawing from the Main Menu bar. The still frame from the “original instance window” will open in a drawing window.

3. Draw on the drawing window using tools. The arrow icon on the drawing toolbar will take you back to a cursor in order to move things around or make other selections. Fig 109

Fig 109

Hint: to make text stand out, put a square or rectangle on the page first and then write in an opposite colour on top.

4. Select the duration length you want this frame to be and click the make movie icon.

5. When the movie pops up, hold down the SHIFT key and drag the red cursor in the base line all the way along. The darkened background indicates the whole movie is selected.

6. Hold down the OPTION key then click and drag the movie back into the “original instance window”. This is called drag and drop editing. The other method to insert this movie into another movie is to use the copy COMMAND + C and paste COMMAND + V functions.

The drawing window movie will be inserted into the “original instance window” at the point of the playhead.

Creating Title Movies

The drawing window is great for creating title movies that you can paste in front of an instance movie. This lets the viewing audience know what is coming up and helps keep them focused on the subject of the presentation.

Create a folder called Titles. Open a drawing window, paste your logo in the window, set the background color, add some drawing objects and color them to match your scheme. Add some large bold text in the middle of the window and save the drawing in the Titles folder.

Edit the bold text to match the subject of the instance movie, this might be the row name. Then, create the movie and save it in the Titles folder with the name of the bold text. Repeat this process for all the categories of instance movies you will be presenting. Since it is very common that you will need to use these titles over and over, they are now created and saved in the Titles folder for future use.