Create a Movie Incorporating the Drawing Window

To cre­ate movies incor­po­rat­ing pic­tures of your analy­sis use the draw­ing win­dow. The draw­ing win­dow is able to cre­ate movies that can be com­bined with oth­er instances.

1. Open up an instance by dou­ble click­ing on it. Stop the instance movie at the point where you want to make a coach­ing note with draw­ing and text. (We shall call this the orig­i­nal instance window”)

2. Select Edit > Copy movie frame to draw­ing from the Main Menu bar. The still frame from the orig­i­nal instance win­dow” will open in a draw­ing window.

3. Draw on the draw­ing win­dow using tools. The arrow icon on the draw­ing tool­bar will take you back to a cur­sor in order to move things around or make oth­er selec­tions. Fig 109Fig 109

Hint: to make text stand out, put a square or rec­tan­gle on the page first and then write in an oppo­site colour on top.

4. Select the dura­tion length you want this frame to be and click the make movie icon.

5. When the movie pops up, hold down the SHIFT key and drag the red cur­sor in the base line all the way along. The dark­ened back­ground indi­cates the whole movie is selected.

6. Hold down the OPTION key then click and drag the movie back into the orig­i­nal instance win­dow”. This is called drag and drop edit­ing. The oth­er method to insert this movie into anoth­er movie is to use the copy COMMAND + C and paste COMMAND + V functions.

The draw­ing win­dow movie will be insert­ed into the orig­i­nal instance win­dow” at the point of the playhead.

Creating Title Movies

The draw­ing win­dow is great for cre­at­ing title movies that you can paste in front of an instance movie. This lets the view­ing audi­ence know what is com­ing up and helps keep them focused on the sub­ject of the presentation.

Create a fold­er called Titles. Open a draw­ing win­dow, paste your logo in the win­dow, set the back­ground col­or, add some draw­ing objects and col­or them to match your scheme. Add some large bold text in the mid­dle of the win­dow and save the draw­ing in the Titles folder.

Edit the bold text to match the sub­ject of the instance movie, this might be the row name. Then, cre­ate the movie and save it in the Titles fold­er with the name of the bold text. Repeat this process for all the cat­e­gories of instance movies you will be pre­sent­ing. Since it is very com­mon that you will need to use these titles over and over, they are now cre­at­ed and saved in the Titles fold­er for future use.