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SportsCode can import a vast array of textual data. Most of the imports are sport specific and are very straight forward. However, if there is a problem please let Sportstec know as it is likely the third party data source has changed its data structure.

Imports can be accessed from the Main Menu > File > Import > All compatible third party imports are listed in the Other tab.

An important item to note about importing is movie and data synchronization, it is very likely that adjustments will have to made on the instances after the import. We recommend getting familiar with the Instance Adjustments and nudging features in the Edit menu.

Each import has a specific format and data structure. Only the Edit List and SportsCode XML will be explained in great detail as we export both of these types of files. These are also commonly used in third party solutions to feed data into SportsCode. There are quite a few users generating or converting data from external sources beyond SportsCode.