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Website Imports

There are five imports that use play by play data posted on websites to generate data in a timeline. Like the NBA Stats data import these imports rely on the official game clock to calculate where the instances should be created in the movie. So, creating a video file that matches the length of the official game time is critical. It is often difficult to tell when the official game is running or stopped, so practice is necessary to master creating an edited video file that will match the game clock events in the play by play.

a) StatCrew Web Stats

  1. This import is designed to be used with the StatCrew play by play report generated by the StatCrew scoring software. This is a very common game stat package in the United States.
  2. Create a row of instances that mark exactly when the game clock is running. Name the row something that indicates what is, i.e. 40 MIN. When a movie is made for the row, it should be precisely 40 minutes long, 20 minutes per half.
  3. Open a browser and navigate to a StatCrew play by play on a website. The raw data file can also be used if is accessible. In the United States, often the Sports Information Director can get this file.
  4. Select all the play by play text beginning from the first tip to end of the game.
  5. Press COMMAND+C to copy the text.
  6. Select the row in the timeline with the 40 minutes of instances, 40 MIN.
  7. Choose File > Import > Paste StatCrew web stats

b) ESPN web stats

The ESPN website stats import works exactly the same as the StatCrew import. The only difference is the play by play information must be copied from the ESPN college basketball website where the data structure is slightly different from the StatCrew import. The steps to import and results of the import are the nearly the same.