Synchronizing Changes Back to Timeline

Fig 100IAfter mak­ing changes to the dura­tion of instances, the labels, and instance notes in the rows of a sorter win­dow. The changes can be syn­chro­nized back to the orig­i­nal time­line. Select the spe­cif­ic rows in the sorter to be syn­chro­nized, then press the syn­chro­nize but­ton in the sorter tool bar. To syn­chro­nize all the rows, press COMMAND+A to select all the rows, then press the syn­chro­nize but­ton. When syn­chro­niz­ing data back into time­lines, the orig­i­nal time­lines must be open.

Note: The pur­pose of requir­ing the time­lines to be open is to insure that acci­den­tal syn­chro­niza­tion does not occur. Changes made through syn­chro­niza­tion can­not be undone once the time­line is saved. By default, the auto save time­line data pref­er­ence is turned on.