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Convert Movie Package

A movie package can be easily converted to another format using this feature. The feature creates a copy of the package with the timeline file included, converts all the movie parts in package into the new format, creates a new reference movie for the timeline based on the newly formatted files and links this movie to the timeline.

To use this feature, choose File > Export > Movies > Convert movie package… and set the desired compression settings and location for the new package. An additional option to this, is to have the process create a single movie once the export is complete. This will create a single file from all the movie parts inside the package. It is recommended to do this as it makes the package void of file references. A definite plus in terms of file portability, plus it allows the file to be extracted from the package and directly uploaded to Sportstec Stream or used more easily in some other workflow.

When the options are set and the Save button is pressed, the export movie window will appear. Each movie part in the package will be converted until all are converted. The extra compression will continue converting all the parts in the package until it is finished or the application is quitted. If the application is quitted while there are still movie parts left to convert it will start up again when the original movie package is opened again. Once the extra export is complete, a movie package with same name plus extra will be found in the same folder as the original capture.

An export can be paused, cancelled or deleted anytime. To pause press the pause icon in the row to the right of the progress bar. To cancel press the x icon to the right of the progress bar. To delete a row in the queue, select the row and press DELETE on the keyboard.

The export window supports multiple items in the list. It is based on a first in first out queuing system. To add more items to the queue during capture, say for converting multiple packages over night, open a timeline package, select the timeline window, then choose File > Export > Timeline as new codec…, select the movie format and destination and add it to the queue. All items in the queue will be handled when the previous item above it in the queue is completed. This is especially useful for archiving and hard disk space saving purposes.