Convert Movie Package

A movie pack­age can be eas­i­ly con­vert­ed to anoth­er for­mat using this fea­ture. The fea­ture cre­ates a copy of the pack­age with the time­line file includ­ed, con­verts all the movie parts in pack­age into the new for­mat, cre­ates a new ref­er­ence movie for the time­line based on the new­ly for­mat­ted files and links this movie to the time­line.

To use this fea­ture, choose File > Export > Movies > Convert movie pack­age… and set the desired com­pres­sion set­tings and loca­tion for the new pack­age. An addi­tion­al option to this, is to have the process cre­ate a sin­gle movie once the export is com­plete. This will cre­ate a sin­gle file from all the movie parts inside the pack­age. It is rec­om­mend­ed to do this as it makes the pack­age void of file ref­er­ences. A def­i­nite plus in terms of file porta­bil­i­ty, plus it allows the file to be extract­ed from the pack­age and direct­ly uploaded to Sportstec Stream or used more eas­i­ly in some oth­er workflow.

When the options are set and the Save but­ton is pressed, the export movie win­dow will appear. Each movie part in the pack­age will be con­vert­ed until all are con­vert­ed. The extra com­pres­sion will con­tin­ue con­vert­ing all the parts in the pack­age until it is fin­ished or the appli­ca­tion is quit­ted. If the appli­ca­tion is quit­ted while there are still movie parts left to con­vert it will start up again when the orig­i­nal movie pack­age is opened again. Once the extra export is com­plete, a movie pack­age with same name plus extra will be found in the same fold­er as the orig­i­nal capture.

An export can be paused, can­celled or delet­ed any­time. To pause press the pause icon in the row to the right of the progress bar. To can­cel press the x icon to the right of the progress bar. To delete a row in the queue, select the row and press DELETE on the keyboard.

The export win­dow sup­ports mul­ti­ple items in the list. It is based on a first in first out queu­ing sys­tem. To add more items to the queue dur­ing cap­ture, say for con­vert­ing mul­ti­ple pack­ages over night, open a time­line pack­age, select the time­line win­dow, then choose File > Export > Timeline as new codec…, select the movie for­mat and des­ti­na­tion and add it to the queue. All items in the queue will be han­dled when the pre­vi­ous item above it in the queue is com­plet­ed. This is espe­cial­ly use­ful for archiv­ing and hard disk space sav­ing purposes.