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Genetic CSV

The generic csv import will import most comma separated value files that meet the following conditions:

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.27.30 pm

  1. The first line (row) in the file is the column header / value description. eg. Player, Team, Mins, Secs, Frames, Action, Result.
  2. There are columns/values for Mins,Secs,Frames and each line(row) has this data. This time should be moment at which the instance precisely occurred, started or ended. The length will be determined by the lead and lag times set when importing. Without this data, the instance will not be created.
  3. Import options:
  • A global lead and lag tie can be set for all instances.
  • Check boxes are available to choose whether the data is imported.
  • The name can be changed and this will be reflected in the timeline as a code row name or label name.
  • Label or code type can be selected.

Choose File > Import > Generic CSV file, then select the file to import. A window will appear where each column/value can be be configured as to how it will be imported into the timeline. The row will only be imported if the tick box in the import column is checked. The column heading name can be changed by double clicking in this cell of the column heading column. If the name is changed and the row is code, then this will be the timeline row name. If the row is desginated a label, then this will be the label group. Each row can be imported as label or code row, click on Type cell in the column and set it to Label or Code. There must be at least one code selected in all the rows. When multiple items are code, the rows setup as labels will import into all instances for all code rows.