Adding Notes to an Instance

  1. Select the instance in the time­line to add text to in the time­line.
  2. Fig 46fOpen the Instance Notes win­dow by press­ing on the Text but­ton in the time­line tool bar.
  3. Add the text in the Edit Transcription win­dow. When all the text is added, click on the red but­ton to close the win­dow and save the note.

    Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 1.31.46 pm

    The Instance Notes win­dow can be left open to eas­i­ly add notes to an instance. Select any instance and the Instance Notes win­dow will change to that instance. The text will be saved in the instance when the next instance is select­ed after adding the text. This makes adding notes a quick job and saves on mouse clicks. The Instance Notes win­dow will also oper­ate in full screen.