Champion Data AFL Enhanced

This import is sim­i­lar to the Champion Data AFL Basic above, how­ev­er it uses a more detailed
XML file that includes derived sta­tis­tics. It has been extend­ed to include label groups and rows of instances for chains of play from stop­pages, kick ins and turnovers to goal, behind or no score. Also includ­ed are labels for atten­dance at cen­tre bounces, oppo­nent play­er labels for cer­tain actions and field zone labels for event location.

  • This import requires the user to sub­scribe their data service.
  • The import con­sists of one file per match, the nam­ing con­ven­tion of the files is: Sportscode-{match round #}-{home team}-{away team}-enhanced.xml

To use:

The import cur­rent­ly sup­ports cus­tom label groups, renam­ing of any code or label names, row col­ors accord­ing to teams and derived chains of play.