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Fig 8

Enable Flagging – This turns on and off the flagging feature. See the Flagging section of this manual to learn more.

Flag properties window – This is area where the flag label, color and hotkey are set. To set up a new flag, click on the plus button near the bottom of the window, this will add a new row. Click in the cell of the Flag column and type in a name for the flag, then choose a color by clicking on the color chip in the Color column and finally click in the cell of the Hotkey column to input a hotkey for the flag.

NOTE: The flag hotkeys, like the multi-view hotkeys, are global hotkeys and will interrupt code window hotkeys if they are like hotkeys.

By checking “Notes” for a flag, a Note window will open when you activate that flag to allow you to insert a note into the flagged instance. Check “Organizer” and/or “Sorter” to automatically add the flagged instance to the Movie Organizer and/or the Sorter.

Delete a flag by selecting a row and clicking on the minus button.

This is a Sportscode Elite function only.