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The Timeline Timecode

This function is to help integrate specific time based imports, (such as GPSports and NHL EVS.) into a SportsCode Timeline.

There is a preference in the Capture Preferences, “Use Timecode produced from capturing device”. When this is ticked, a Timecode track will be created in the movie from the data that the device is outputting. Remember to set the correct time on the camera or device that is being used to capture from. The Timeline timecode can be altered by right clicking (Control + Click) on the Timeline timecode counter situated above the row column in the Timeline window. Right clicking on the counter will reveal a Pop up menu, these are the options:

  • Use movie time, this option displays standard movie time hh:mm:ss:hshs. The “hs” is hundredths of seconds.
  • Use Timecode, this option displays the timecode in terms of 24 hour time as in the time of
    day. The numbers will be displayed in blue. This is useful for setting the time of day of an event. NOTE: Changing the counter to display this might show the time at which the capture was done. This can be read from the camera or capture hardware that is connected. Be sure to set the camera time, so the correct time is captured. Breaking the timecode into segments along the timeline is not possible. The timecode will roll over to 00:00:00.00 when the playhead is dragged past 23:59:59.99. This means the playhead was dragged past midnight.
  • Set movie time to zero, this option resets the movie time to 00:00:00.00 according to the location of the playhead. The time will be displayed in red when the numbers are “negative” or the playhead is set before the new zero point.
  • Set TimeCode, this option reveals a menu from the timeline title bar. The time can be set here
  • Delete TimeCode track, this option removes the Timecode track. It can be readded by using the Set TimeCode function, but the original one that may have been done during capture cannot be brought back.
  • Use frames for TimeCode, this option will display the hundredths of seconds in frames.
  • Use seconds for TimeCode, this option will display the Timecode to the hundredths of seconds.