Using the Code Matrix

IMPORTANT: Refer to the Preferences Section of this man­u­al for your pre­ferred set­tings for this func­tion. It is impor­tant that your set­tings are cor­rect­ly con­fig­ured if this func­tion is to deliv­er opti­mum results.

The Code Matrix is a two dimen­sion­al grid rep­re­sen­ta­tion of code rows and labels in a Timeline. The rows in a matrix are gen­er­at­ed from the rows in a time­line. The columns are the labels that are cod­ed in the instances of the rows. The cells of the matrix dis­play the instances that have the label cod­ed in them. The inter­sec­tion cells count the num­ber of instances that have the labels cod­ed in them. By default, the Matrix is an instance counter, not a label counter.

Using The Code Matrix

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 8.51.02 am

1. Click on the Matrix but­ton in a time­line or code win­dow. A Matrix of the Timeline will open.

  1. Double click on the row name to cre­ate a movie for all instances in the row.
  2. Double click on the col­umn name to cre­ate a movie for all instances with the label.
  3. Double click on a cell to make a movie of the inter­sec­tion of the instance and label.

The cumu­la­tive totals of columns and rows can also be high­light­ed and viewed. These totals rep­re­sent the total instances in the time­line from which the matrix was gen­er­at­ed. Double click on these totals to make a movie.

Note: When a row name, label, cell or total is clicked on, the instances are select­ed in the time­line. The matrix can be used to select instances to paste into a movie orga­niz­er or sorter win­dow.