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Using the Code Matrix

IMPORTANT: Refer to the Preferences Section of this manual for your preferred settings for this function. It is important that your settings are correctly configured if this function is to deliver optimum results.

The Code Matrix is a two dimensional grid representation of code rows and labels in a Timeline. The rows in a matrix are generated from the rows in a timeline. The columns are the labels that are coded in the instances of the rows. The cells of the matrix display the instances that have the label coded in them. The intersection cells count the number of instances that have the labels coded in them. By default, the Matrix is an instance counter, not a label counter.

Using The Code Matrix

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 8.51.02 am

1. Click on the Matrix button in a timeline or code window. A Matrix of the Timeline will open.

  1. Double click on the row name to create a movie for all instances in the row.
  2. Double click on the column name to create a movie for all instances with the label.
  3. Double click on a cell to make a movie of the intersection of the instance and label.

The cumulative totals of columns and rows can also be highlighted and viewed. These totals represent the total instances in the timeline from which the matrix was generated. Double click on these totals to make a movie.

Note: When a row name, label, cell or total is clicked on, the instances are selected in the timeline. The matrix can be used to select instances to paste into a movie organizer or sorter window.