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Databasing Found Instances

Searches results can be databased by selecting the instances in the results and clicking on the database icon found in the toolbar.

Like the instance mode; Ignore case, Ignore whitespace, Trim whitespace and Use wildcards are available. These are the heavy lifters for searching transcriptions particularly wildcards. Use the asterisk following or preceding a search string to find rows that might contain the data being hunted.

But, the real power of the text mode is the Generate results feature. By clicking the Generate results button, a window with the results will be generated. This work great for pulling out specific rows into a new window. To help keep transcription in context, rows before and after can be set to be included in the generate window. The proceeding and/or following rows will be included in the new window. It is often important in transcription analysis to find out what said before or after an utterance to better understand its meaning.

When simply finding text in a transcription window, any found text will be highlighted in the window using the color chosen in the color well, default is red. Options to Bold or Underline are also available.

To clean up the found text items, click on the Clear now button. All highlighted text will become unhighlighted. The Auto clear option can be ticked which will clean up previously found strings of text. Or, auto clear can be unticked and using the color well, multiple strings can be found and highlighted in different colors.