Send Instances to Movie Organizer or Sorter Window

Click on the rel­e­vant icon but­ton in the tool­bar to send found Instances direct­ly to the Movie Organiser or Sorter Window.

Text Mode

Using text mode is very sim­i­lar in its way of build­ing up the search cri­te­ria to that of instances mode. However, text mode is designed to be used with tran­scrip­tion, sta­tis­ti­cal win­dows and label trees, so there are a few dif­fer­ent options.

The first dif­fer­ence is the search tar­get, only the front win­dow or all open win­dows can be searched. This mode will not search a fold­er of files like instance mode.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 7.42.24 am

The sec­ond dif­fer­ence is the data type options; Cell text, Cell script and Column title. These are the only types of data that can be searched for in this mode. Cell text will look for text that is con­tained a cell; this could be tran­scrip­tion or sta­tis­ti­cal out­put. Cell script will search the script that is attached to the cell. And Column title will search only in a giv­en col­umn name.

The last dif­fer­ence and most pow­er­ful aspect of text mode are the search options.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 7.41.34 am