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Advanced Search

There are 3 search modes in the Find window: Instances, Text, and Find and Replace. These modes apply to specific file types.

  • Instances mode is designed to search for codes, labels, and transcription text in timelines, sorter windows or movie organizers.
  • Text mode is designed to search through transcription and statistical windows.
  • And Find and Replace works across all file types.
Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 3.33.39 pm

The Find window will open in Instances mode by default. This will likely be the most common mode used. Instances and Text modes work very similar in the way in which the search criteria is setup. Find and Replace work with direct text input while allowing specific windows to run against to be toggled on or off.

The following sub-sections will cover using the Find window in Instances mode. Following sub- sections will specifically describe the alternate features in the other modes.