Advanced Search

There are 3 search modes in the Find win­dow: Instances, Text, and Find and Replace. These modes apply to spe­cif­ic file types.

  • Instances mode is designed to search for codes, labels, and tran­scrip­tion text in time­lines, sorter win­dows or movie organizers.
  • Text mode is designed to search through tran­scrip­tion and sta­tis­ti­cal windows.
  • And Find and Replace works across all file types.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 3.33.39 pm

The Find win­dow will open in Instances mode by default. This will like­ly be the most com­mon mode used. Instances and Text modes work very sim­i­lar in the way in which the search cri­te­ria is set­up. Find and Replace work with direct text input while allow­ing spe­cif­ic win­dows to run against to be tog­gled on or off.

The fol­low­ing sub-sec­tions will cov­er using the Find win­dow in Instances mode. Following sub- sec­tions will specif­i­cal­ly describe the alter­nate fea­tures in the oth­er modes.