Mirror Codes

The Mirror Codes fea­ture is designed to copy a movie pack­age that is being cap­tured to anoth­er com­put­er or from anoth­er com­put­er as the cap­tur­ing process is tak­ing place. This saves time copy­ing the movie pack­age after com­plet­ing cap­ture since all the movie pack­age con­tents are being syn­chro­nized until the cap­ture is com­plete. As each movie part is cap­tured and added to the pack­age, mir­ror codes will copy this to the cho­sen des­ti­na­tion pack­age. The syn­chro­niza­tion of files include: the time­line data file as it is being cod­ed, all movie parts, and the time­line share files. If SportsCode Elite is being used to cap­ture, the mir­ror­ing pack­age can be opened as a time­line share file.

Packages can be mir­rored over a net­work or to local exter­nal dri­ves. We rec­om­mend using an eth­er­net net­work and to ini­ti­ate the mir­ror­ing from the desired des­ti­na­tion com­put­er, thus pulling the file from the cap­ture com­put­er. This helps reduce load on the cap­ture com­put­er and should take care of any per­mis­sions prob­lems. See the Setting Up the Network part in Timeline Sharingsec­tion of this man­u­al for net­work­ing help.

  • Once the net­work is all set­up and the des­ti­na­tion com­put­er can reach the cap­tur­ing file over the net­work, start cap­tur­ing on the cap­ture com­put­er, sav­ing the pack­age in the shared net­work folder.
  • On the des­ti­na­tion com­put­er, Choose Capture > Mirror codes to start mir­ror­ing. A find­er win­dow will appear, this is the tar­get selec­tion dia­log box, choose the cap­tur­ing pack­age as the tar­get and click on the Choose pack­age button
  • The next dia­log box to appear is the des­ti­na­tion fold­er loca­tion and file name. Input a file­name and select a fold­er loca­tion to save the pack­age in and then click on Start copy but­ton. The Mirror codes sta­tus win­dow will open show­ing the progress of copy / syn­chro­niza­tion process.
  • Once cap­ture is end­ed, the Mirror codes process will also com­plete after dou­ble check­ing all the file con­tents to make sure that the process has com­plet­ed prop­er­ly. A mes­sage box will pop up indi­cat­ing the process has com­plet­ed and the process can be stopped.
  • If Append cap­ture is being used, do not quit the mir­ror­ing process when the cap­ture com­plete mes­sage pops up. Simply, click OK and let Mirror codes sit idle, once the Append cap­ture process is start­ed, Mirror codes will pick up where it left off and con­tin­ue to copy – syn­chro­nize the packages.