Overlay Text Display Options in the Sorter

Each col­umn of data in the sorter win­dow can be turned off for over­lay text dis­play. When the col­umn type icon has cross through it, the data will not be shown as over­lay text.

Fig 101bFig 101cFig 101DFig 101Gfig 101HFig 101IFig 101JFig 101KFig 101L

This is used to lim­it what is pre­sent­ed in the movie and atten­tion can be brought to spe­cif­ic data. The exam­ples below show how turn­ing off columns dis­plays less data.

No columns turned off.

Fig 103

Row name col­umn turned off.

Fig 103A

Row name and Field Zone columns turned off.

Fig 103B

Row name, Field Zone and Phase Play Start columns turned off.

Fig 103C