Editing Instances

Fig 100eThe edit instance movie can be used to view and trim instance rows in the sorter win­dow. Click in a cell and press on the edit movie but­ton in the sorter win­dow tool bar to open the instance edit movie window.

The start and end time of the instance can be edit­ed using the arrow but­tons in the cor­ners of the edit instance movie. To change the instance being dis­played in the movie win­dow, click in any cell of a dif­fer­ent row. The edit instance movie will update as the cells are clicked in dif­fer­ent rows. Turn on movie loop­ing mode to make the make the movie play con­tin­u­ous­ly, sav­ing a few key­strokes or mouse clicks.

Pressing the back arrow at the start of the edit instance win­dow shifts the edit instance to the pre­vi­ous row in the sorter. This is a wrap­ping type of behav­iour. Refer also to Adjusting the Length of an Instance” .