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About Us

Who We Are

Hudl is a pioneer in performance analysis technology, now helping more than 200,000 teams in 40+ global sports prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Every product, feature and tool is designed with one purpose in mind: to ensure coaches and athletes make every moment count. A complete suite of video and data products ensures coaches have the insights they need and athletes get the shot they deserve. From grassroots to the pros, more than 6M users utilize Hudl's best-in-class software, hardware and services, including online coaching tools, mobile and desktop apps, smart cameras, analytics, professional consultation and more.  

Hudl has more than 3,200 employees operating out of 17 countries. With a global team of engineers, analysts and support, they’re building the world’s most powerful network of sports video and data.

We’re headquartered in the Haymarket District of Lincoln, Nebraska, with additional offices in Omaha, Boston, London, Sydney and Mumbai.

In the Press

"If a whiteboard and erasable marker were the primary tools of the trade for previous generations of coaches, Hudl is fast becoming the 21st-century analogue."

How Hudl's Mobile-Video Software Is Transforming Sports
Fast Company

"Today, Lincoln is becoming a mini Palo Alto, home to more than 100 software startups. And once-abandoned buildings now house coworking spaces and incubators."

"Silicon Prairie," America's new entrepreneurial frontier
CBS News

"More than 4,000 high schools and small colleges have already ordered the Focus, which accounts for nearly a third of all the schools that play football in the country."

Lake Travis happy with view after testing new outdoor Hudl camera
Austin American-Statesman

Our Founders

David Graff


David graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with an undergraduate degree and MBA from the Jeffrey S. Raikes School in Computer Science and Management. As a graduate assistant working with the Nebraska football team, he saw firsthand how many DVDs and paper playbooks were created and distributed on a weekly basis, wasting valuable time and resources. David worked with two graduates – John Wirtz and Brian Kaiser – to get those film study tools online.

Brian Kaiser


A native of Overland Park, Kansas, Brian graduated from the University of Nebraska’s Raikes School of Computer Science and Management in 2006. That same year, he teamed up with David Graff and John Wirtz to create the first version of Hudl for its first client, the Nebraska Cornhuskers. As Chief Technology Officer, Brian has overseen Hudl’s infrastructure since Day 1 – a fitting role for someone who ran his own computer repair shop in high school.

John Wirtz


Originally from Blue Springs, Missouri, John earned his bachelor’s and master’s at the University of Nebraska, spending his undergrad in the Raikes Computer Science program with Brian Kaiser as a roommate and David Graff across the hall. John started as a developer in Hudl’s early stages before taking over the sales team for a short time. Now he serves as Chief Product Officer, making sure the software’s expansive list of features always stays ahead of the curve.

Our Values

Play to Win.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth being the best. We stay focused on our long-term goals, take big swings and aren’t afraid to fail. We believe nothing is given. We have to constantly earn the right to win and we do it with humility and integrity.

Win Together.

We take care of each other. We’re people first, co-workers second. We value outcomes over hours—burnout isn’t a badge of honor. We default to trust and always assume positive intent. Together we build an experience that’s flexible, creates work-life harmony, and allows everyone to thrive while having fun along the way.

Thrive on the Front Lines.

We get out of our comfort zone and pitch in whenever it’s needed. We build empathy for customers and each other by rolling up our sleeves and jumping in to help—because there’s no better way to build understanding than firsthand experience.

We Listen.

We're humble and curious. We seek out diverse perspectives and new approaches. We don’t just want to know, we want to know why. We value learn-it-alls over know-it-alls. We listen to truly understand, not just to reply.

Respectfully Blunt.

Feedback can be hard, but it’s how we grow. We seek out #realtalk and give it freely, but always from a place of care. We work hard to build a culture of trust so candor can be the norm. We’re clear, constructive and don’t leave things unsaid.