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Where to Search

The Find window can be targeted to search in specific windows or groups of windows. The search area target by default is the front window. This means the timeline, sorter window or movie organizer that is the top window, no other windows will be searched. Using the all open windows, will target all open windows and return anything found in these windows. The front timeline and all open timelines options will only search in timeline windows specifically.

When selecting all timelines in folder, the target folder that contains the timelines must be set. Click on the following drop down option to choose the folder

The ability to search across particular folders is incredibly powerful for analysis as it makes conducting longitudinal queries very easy.

Fig 89d

Note: When searching across all timelines in a folder, the timelines are then opened behind the Find window based upon your search results. This search option can take a long time if there are hundreds of timelines to search.