Where to Search

The Find win­dow can be tar­get­ed to search in spe­cif­ic win­dows or groups of win­dows. The search area tar­get by default is the front win­dow. This means the time­line, sorter win­dow or movie orga­niz­er that is the top win­dow, no oth­er win­dows will be searched. Using the all open win­dows, will tar­get all open win­dows and return any­thing found in these win­dows. The front time­line and all open time­lines options will only search in time­line win­dows specifically.

When select­ing all time­lines in fold­er, the tar­get fold­er that con­tains the time­lines must be set. Click on the fol­low­ing drop down option to choose the folder

The abil­i­ty to search across par­tic­u­lar fold­ers is incred­i­bly pow­er­ful for analy­sis as it makes con­duct­ing lon­gi­tu­di­nal queries very easy.

Fig 89d

Note: When search­ing across all time­lines in a fold­er, the time­lines are then opened behind the Find win­dow based upon your search results. This search option can take a long time if there are hun­dreds of time­lines to search.