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Common Sportscode Terms

Many terms in this manual are specific to Sportscode. Here’s a brief explanation of the most common terms.

Capture – To record a movie to a file.

Code – A category for information in your movie. When you want to keep a piece of action from a movie for later reference/analysis you code that snippet with a code button.

Code Button – Code buttons are used to define an action by its name and time when it occurred in a movie. For example you may name a code button “X Cut” to mark every time an opponent executes a certain play. Code buttons are toggle buttons, up or down, except when you have a lag time programmed which creates a fixed-length instance.

Code Matrix – The code matrix is a grid representation of code rows, labels and label groups in a timeline.

Code Window – The window for creating and using code buttons to categorize events in a timeline.

Database – A database is a timeline created by exporting selected instances from one or multiple timelines. The database process only exports the specified code and movie data.

Inactive – An Inactive button is used to title a set of buttons that do not perform any actions.

Instance – An instance is a coded segment of a movie. An instance becomes part of the timeline for that movie (also see code).

Label – A Label is text inserted into an instance to describe an event or a consequence of an event marked by a code button.

Lag Time – Lag time automatically adds a specific time to the end of an instance when it is being coded. When you click on the code button to code the instance, Sportscode automatically adds the lag time to its end. Lag time creates a button that only needs to be pressed once. The beginning of the instance is marked when the button is pressed down and the end is marked when the lag time runs out.

Lead time – Automatically adds a specific time to the beginning of an instance when it is being coded. When you click on the code button to code the instance Sportscode adds the time to its beginning.

Movie – The performance you are using as the source of your information.

Package – A special type of folder that contains a timeline and movie.

Timeline – The window that displays a timeline showing each instance of all code buttons chronologically recorded.