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Movie Playback Overview

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You will use these controls more than any other in SportsCode. It is crucial that you become very familiar with how they perform and what they do. Once the Movie has been captured, playing the movie is easy, you can go to any part of the movie whenever you like with a click of the mouse. Just drag the Timeline playhead and you’ll be there instantly, no need to fast forward or rewind.

The movie controller is a “floating” toolbar which will appear whenever a movie is set up ready to play and by default will disappear when the cursor is removed from the window or has been inactive for 1.5 secs. It will reappear once the cursor is returned to the window The floating movie controller may be moved to wherever you find it most convenient. You are able to access the Drawing Tools, the Overlay Text function and the List of Chapters in the movie directly from the floating movie controller.

To see more information on the movie controller see the Movie Controller section of the manual