Movie Playback Overview

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 1.19.24 pmYou will use these con­trols more than any oth­er in SportsCode. It is cru­cial that you become very famil­iar with how they per­form and what they do. Once the Movie has been cap­tured, play­ing the movie is easy, you can go to any part of the movie when­ev­er you like with a click of the mouse. Just drag the Timeline play­head and you’ll be there instant­ly, no need to fast for­ward or rewind.

The movie con­troller is a float­ing” tool­bar which will appear when­ev­er a movie is set up ready to play and by default will dis­ap­pear when the cur­sor is removed from the win­dow or has been inac­tive for 1.5 secs. It will reap­pear once the cur­sor is returned to the win­dow The float­ing movie con­troller may be moved to wher­ev­er you find it most con­ve­nient. You are able to access the Drawing Tools, the Overlay Text func­tion and the List of Chapters in the movie direct­ly from the float­ing movie controller.

To see more infor­ma­tion on the movie con­troller see the Movie Controller sec­tion of the manual