The Labels Tree win­dow con­trols the pop up menu that is dis­played when an instance is right clicked. All the labels found in the instances in the time­line are shown in cells of this spread­sheet style win­dow. The term Labels Tree” is derived from the con­cept that group­ings of labels may resem­ble the branch of a tree because labels may be grouped into cat­e­gories or branches.

The pop up menu will dis­play in the order of the rows in the Labels Tree win­dow. Labels can be sort­ed alpha­bet­i­cal­ly in ascend­ing or descend­ing order. The labels tree win­dow can con­fig­ure the pop up menu lay­out to extend hor­i­zon­tal­ly, so labels can be struc­tured in log­i­cal and easy to nav­i­gate branch­es. A labels tree can be saved as a file and used sim­i­lar­ly to a code window.

Many labels trees can be opened at one time. It is the front most label tree win­dow that will appear as the pop up menu when an instance is right clicked on. This is use­ful when cod­ing entire­ly dif­fer­ent aspects of an event and can help avoid long lists of labels that make it dif­fi­cult and time con­sum­ing to find a spe­cif­ic label.

A default labels tree win­dow is cre­at­ed for the time­line from using a code win­dow in code mode. If mul­ti­ple code win­dows are used, all the labels from each win­dow will be added to the default labels tree in the timeline.