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The Labels Tree window controls the pop up menu that is displayed when an instance is right clicked. All the labels found in the instances in the timeline are shown in cells of this spreadsheet style window. The term “Labels Tree” is derived from the concept that groupings of labels may resemble the branch of a tree because labels may be grouped into categories or branches.

The pop up menu will display in the order of the rows in the Labels Tree window. Labels can be sorted alphabetically in ascending or descending order. The labels tree window can configure the pop up menu layout to extend horizontally, so labels can be structured in logical and easy to navigate branches. A labels tree can be saved as a file and used similarly to a code window.

Many labels trees can be opened at one time. It is the front most label tree window that will appear as the pop up menu when an instance is right clicked on. This is useful when coding entirely different aspects of an event and can help avoid long lists of labels that make it difficult and time consuming to find a specific label.

A default labels tree window is created for the timeline from using a code window in code mode. If multiple code windows are used, all the labels from each window will be added to the default labels tree in the timeline.