Sorter Window Templates

Heavy users of the sorter win­dow will have spe­cif­ic col­umn arrange­ments, to make this process eas­i­er, a sorter win­dow tem­plate can be created.

Open the tem­plate and paste the instances into it.

Create a sorter tem­plate using these steps:

  1. Export one instance into a sorter window.
  2. Arrange columns to desired tem­plate appear­ance and remove any unnec­es­sary columns.
  3. Fig 104Change the win­dow type by click­ing on the win­dow type selec­tor. This is the cell with the icon in it, 2 rows above the row num­ber indi­ca­tor for row 1. (Right below the print button)
  4. Fig 104ASelect Sorter tem­plate from the list. The icon in the upper left will change.
  5. Delete the instance from row 1.
  6. Save and close the template.
  7. Open the tem­plate, switch it to sorter type win­dow, choose some instances and press the sorter but­ton in the timeline.
  8. All the instances will be export­ed into this tem­plate using only the columns found in the window.
  9. Save the sorter window.