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Sorter Window Templates

Heavy users of the sorter window will have specific column arrangements, to make this process easier, a sorter window template can be created.

Open the template and paste the instances into it.

Create a sorter template using these steps:

  1. Export one instance into a sorter window.
  2. Arrange columns to desired template appearance and remove any unnecessary columns.
  3. Fig 104Change the window type by clicking on the window type selector. This is the cell with the icon in it, 2 rows above the row number indicator for row 1. (Right below the print button)
  4. Fig 104ASelect Sorter template from the list. The icon in the upper left will change.
  5. Delete the instance from row 1.
  6. Save and close the template.
  7. Open the template, switch it to sorter type window, choose some instances and press the sorter button in the timeline.
  8. All the instances will be exported into this template using only the columns found in the window.
  9. Save the sorter window.