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During capture, SportsCode Elite creates a second timeline file, so coded instances can be viewed by other computers over a network. This file can be found inside the movie package and can be opened by any SportsCode application. SportsCode Elite creates this second file to guarantee that your active coding timeline is not corrupted or changed.

During capture, the timeline share will automatically update every 5 to 10 seconds with the most recent coded information. To manually update, click on the update button in the capture window. This writes out the .TLshare file, so that other users on the network will get the latest information.

Before diving off into timeline sharing we strongly recommend consulting the IT department or Sportstec. The networking side of things can be quite tricky as every network is setup a little differently and might have some quirks that could present some real problems.

This feature shares the video file over the network. Playing video over a network is very intense because of the large amount of data involved in the movie files. A robust network is extremely important. We recommend using gigabit ethernet switch when connecting the computers for this reason.

For purposes of this manual, a simple network between two computers running Mac OS X 15 will be outlined. Again, contact the IT department or Sportstec if more explanation is required or help is needed.