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The Timeline Toolbar

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Make Movie

Fig 46a

Makes movie out of selected instances. Refer to Creating Instance Movies.


Fig 46b

Highlight an instance in the timeline and click the Edit icon. A movie of the instance will open containing the tools to edit the instance in precise detail.

New Row

Fig 46c

###pWorking with Code Rows.

New Merged Row

Fig 46d

Creates a new row from selected instances in the Timeline. Refer to Working with Code Rows.

New Timeline

Fig 46p

Opens a new timeline of selected instances. Refer to Create a New Timeline from Selected Instances.


Fig 46f

Opens the Edit instance window. Instance notes will also be displayed here. Refer to Edit Instance.


Fig 46g

Takes you to the Labels Tree window. Refer to The Labels Tree.


Fig 46h

Single click to open a Code Matrix window from this Timeline (default setting) or click and hold to open a selection of matrices which have been customized and saved for this Timeline. Refer to The Matrix.


Fig 46i

Exports the selected instances as a .codereport package for viewing with Sportstec Player.


Fig 46j

Opens a Movie organizer window from this Timeline. Refer to The Movie Organizer Section


Fig 46k

Opens a Sorter window from this Timeline. Refer to The Sorter section.

View My Codes

Fig 46m

Exports a file suitable for importing into View My Codes.


Fig 46L

Saves an instance or group of instances to a pre-created database.


Fig 46N

Selecting this icon takes you to the Find Window. Refer to The find Window Section.


Fig 46O

Clicking the Settings button will display the following drop down panel:

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 9.30.06 am
  • Merge Rows plays instance movies in chronological order regardless of the row the instance is in.

  • Sequential Rows plays instance movies from row A then row B etc.

  • Selection Order plays instance movies in the order that the instances were selected. Select instances by holding Command and clicking the instances in the order required.

  • When Append slow is ticked, the instance movie you make will play in real speed first followed immediately in slow motion, (default speed is 50% real speed).

  • By checking the Static Text box, each instances associated text descriptors will be displayed in a static title before each instance.

  • By selecting Instance notes, the text track will be displayed at the bottom of the instance movie screen. Instance notes and Append Slow cannot be used together.

  • By selecting Overlay Text, the row name, instance number and labels will be displayed over the movie as it plays.
  • The Lines field allows you to specify the number of lines of text displayed at a time in the instance movie.

  • When you right click (Control + Click) on an instance in the Timeline, the Labels Tree for that Timeline will be displayed in a drop down panel. The labels and label groups which are available will be displayed. The groups will be indicated by an arrow marker, hover the cursor over the group name to display the labels in that group.