Sorter Window Column Type

A col­umn type is set by right click­ing on the col­umn set­ting bar above a col­umn. There are 8 col­umn types.

Time Reference Column

Fig 102

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.45.43 pm

Time ref­er­ence col­umn dis­plays the start time, dura­tion, and time­line ori­gin for the instance in the row. The col­umn head­er can be changed to dis­play the total dura­tion for all time ref­er­ence rows in the sorter win­dow. Right click on the col­umn head­er name and select Display as total duration”.

Picture Column

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.47.13 pm

An image can be past­ed into this col­umn and it will be pre­sent­ed as a title in a made movie. A pic­ture can be cre­at­ed in the draw­ing win­dow and past­ed using the paste to sorter but­ton in the draw­ing window.

Code Column

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.49.03 pm

The name of the code row from which the row was past­ed is dis­played in this col­umn. The text in this col­umn can be edit­ed for over­lay text pur­pos­es, but the code row name can­not be syn­chro­nized back to the orig­i­nal timeline.

Instance Number Column

Fig 102C

The instance num­ber from the orig­i­nal time­line row is dis­played in this col­umn. This col­umn can be help­ful for sort­ing pur­pos­es in the sorter win­dow or ref­er­enc­ing instances in the orig­i­nal timeline.

Instance Note Column

Fig 102D

The instance note col­umn dis­plays any instance notes that have been entered into the instance. Notes can be edit­ed or added in this col­umn. This is an easy way to add instance notes, copy and paste can be used to add the same notes to mul­ti­ple instances quickly.

Label Column

Fig 102H

The label col­umn dis­plays any ungrouped labels that have been cod­ed in the instance using label but­tons. If label but­tons have not been des­ig­nat­ed in groups the col­umn head­er will read No group”. Each label will be dis­played on a sep­a­rate line. To add new labels, enter each label on a new line.

Group Label Column

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.56.07 pm

The group label col­umn dis­plays grouped labels that have been cod­ed in the instance. The col­umn head­er name rep­re­sents the group name and the grouped labels will fall sep­a­rate­ly under the asso­ci­at­ed group columns. This col­umn type is best for nest­ed sorting.

Default Column

Fig 102g

The default col­umn is gen­er­al­ly not used in the sorter win­dow. But, can be used as a gen­er­al note col­umn or col­umn separator.