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Statistical Window Overview

The statistical window is a spreadsheet style window with the ability to perform complex calculations based around instances in a timeline. A Statistics window must be built “from the ground up”

Mathematical and logical expressions can be built into scripts in each cell. The scripts are built into each cell individually. Each cell can hold text, show data, change background color, or text color according to actions from the scripts.

The statistical window scripts can be executed manually by pressing the execute button in the window or executed automatically upon a change in the timeline or the click of a button in the code window.

The statistical window can drive output from a script to a button in the code window. Scripts can be written to change button colors and push buttons up or down according to customized calculations.

The statistical window is extremely flexible, rows and columns can be moved, added, and deleted to present the output in hundreds of ways and scripts may be copied and pasted to other cells and the formulae replicated.