Find and Replace

The find and replace mode works as most find and replace fea­tures work in any word pro­cess­ing soft­ware. A string of text is cho­sen to find, then anoth­er is cho­sen to replace the found text. This win­dow can help to replace mis­spelled text, change but­ton names in the code win­dow or change scripts in the sta­tis­ti­cal win­dow. It cov­ers all windows.

Fig 89N

When mak­ing replace­ments to text, it is very impor­tant to be care­ful. Make sure to val­i­date what is being replaced before it is replaced. We rec­om­mend fol­low­ing this usage pat­tern: Add the string to be searched for in the Find text input box, click on the search but­ton in the tool­bar and check the results in the bot­tom of the win­dow, then click on the replace button.

Note: Sometimes a replace­ment is made and it is impos­si­ble to go back. For instance, if this” is changed to that”, it can­not be changed back because all the exist­ing that”’s this will be changed to this”’s.

The find and replace­ment strings can be swapped around by click­ing on the Fig 89O but­ton. Again, be care­ful doing this as a lot more items could be changed than were orig­i­nal­ly intended.

It is very easy to replace some­thing in the wrong win­dow, so it is also sug­gest­ed to choose the exact win­dow and data type in the search options. Untick or tick the spe­cif­ic items.