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Find and Replace

The find and replace mode works as most find and replace features work in any word processing software. A string of text is chosen to find, then another is chosen to replace the found text. This window can help to replace misspelled text, change button names in the code window or change scripts in the statistical window. It covers all windows.

Fig 89N

When making replacements to text, it is very important to be careful. Make sure to validate what is being replaced before it is replaced. We recommend following this usage pattern: Add the string to be searched for in the Find text input box, click on the search button in the toolbar and check the results in the bottom of the window, then click on the replace button.

Note: Sometimes a replacement is made and it is impossible to go back. For instance, if “this” is changed to “that”, it cannot be changed back because all the existing “that”’s this will be changed to “this”’s.

The find and replacement strings can be swapped around by clicking on the

Fig 89O

button. Again, be careful doing this as a lot more items could be changed than were originally intended.

It is very easy to replace something in the wrong window, so it is also suggested to choose the exact window and data type in the search options. Untick or tick the specific items.