Saving a Code Matrix

Organizing the matrix and mak­ing var­i­ous label com­bi­na­tions to pro­duce the desired out­come is the key to using the matrix to the fullest. Once this work is done, it impor­tant to save it, so it can used to ana­lyze against oth­er time­lines. Choose File>Save or press COMMAND+S to save the code matrix. By default it will be saved to a sys­tem Matrix” fold­er, but you may choose to cre­ate anoth­er fold­er to store the file. This file can opened lat­er and used to ana­lyze the data in anoth­er timeline.

Timeline to which it was linked at the time it is saved and may be retrieved direct­ly from that Timeline tool­bar by select­ing it from the Matrix icon selec­tion menu.

Loading a saved Code Matrix

Fig 90LA saved Matrix can be used to ana­lyze against dif­fer­ent time­lines oth­er than the orig­i­nal one used to cre­ate it, this is espe­cial­ly handy when doing com­par­a­tive or lon­gi­tu­di­nal analy­sis. Click the Load” icon and select the saved matrix you wish to load, then click on the Timeline dis­play in the Matrix tool­bar and select the time­line you wish to link your saved Matrix to from the list.

Note: If the saved Matrix does not con­tain new labels in the new time­line they will not auto­mat­i­cal­ly show up. If you want to add new labels to a saved matrix. Open a new Matrix by click­ing on the Matrix icon in the time­line tool­bar, then copy and paste the new labels into the saved matrix. If you are plan­ning on using the Matrix to do lon­gi­tu­di­nal analy­sis, do not change your code win­dow with­out updat­ing a saved Matrix.