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Saving a Code Matrix

Organizing the matrix and making various label combinations to produce the desired outcome is the key to using the matrix to the fullest. Once this work is done, it important to save it, so it can used to analyze against other timelines. Choose File>Save or press COMMAND+S to save the code matrix. By default it will be saved to a system “Matrix” folder, but you may choose to create another folder to store the file. This file can opened later and used to analyze the data in another timeline.

Timeline to which it was linked at the time it is saved and may be retrieved directly from that Timeline toolbar by selecting it from the Matrix icon selection menu.

Loading a saved Code Matrix

Fig 90L

A saved Matrix can be used to analyze against different timelines other than the original one used to create it, this is especially handy when doing comparative or longitudinal analysis. Click the “Load” icon and select the saved matrix you wish to load, then click on the Timeline display in the Matrix toolbar and select the timeline you wish to link your saved Matrix to from the list.

Note: If the saved Matrix does not contain new labels in the new timeline they will not automatically show up. If you want to add new labels to a saved matrix. Open a new Matrix by clicking on the Matrix icon in the timeline toolbar, then copy and paste the new labels into the saved matrix. If you are planning on using the Matrix to do longitudinal analysis, do not change your code window without updating a saved Matrix.