Sorter Window Toolbar

Fig 100

Fig 100dPrint sends the sorter win­dow to a print­er or .pdf file.

Fig 100cColumn inserts a new col­umn after the select­ed one or cre­ates a new one as the last column.

Fig 100bRow inserts a new row after the select­ed one or cre­ates a new one as the last row.

Fig 100JBold, Italic, Color, and Size change the appear­ance of the select­ed text.

Fig 100fMovie cre­ates an instance movie for all rows in the sorter window.

Fig 100eEdit movie opens the edit instance movie win­dow. This is used to trim the start and end points for the row.

Fig 100ISynchronize sends time, label, and instance note changes for select­ed rows in the sorter to the orig­i­nal instances in the timeline.

Fig 100 gNest sort, when checked before sort­ing a col­umn, sub­se­quent col­umn sorts will be sort­ed keep­ing the pre­vi­ous sort in tact.

Fig 100aPosition re-arranges sorter, time­line, edit instance movie win­dows to help win­dow lay­out. Position but­ton has 4 posi­tions for the edit instance movie and sorter win­dow. Press the Position 4 times.

Fig 100hDatabase send select­ed rows to a database.