Sorter Window Toolbar

Fig 100


Fig 100dPrint sends the sorter window to a printer or .pdf file.


Fig 100cColumn inserts a new column after the selected one or creates a new one as the last column.


Fig 100bRow inserts a new row after the selected one or creates a new one as the last row.


Fig 100JBold, Italic, Color, and Size change the appearance of the selected text.


Fig 100fMovie creates an instance movie for all rows in the sorter window.


Fig 100eEdit movie opens the edit instance movie window. This is used to trim the start and end points for the row.


Fig 100ISynchronize sends time, label, and instance note changes for selected rows in the sorter to the original instances in the timeline.


Fig 100 gNest sort, when checked before sorting a column, subsequent column sorts will be sorted keeping the previous sort in tact.


Fig 100aPosition re-arranges sorter, timeline, edit instance movie windows to help window layout. Position button has 4 positions for the edit instance movie and sorter window. Press the Position 4 times.

Fig 100hDatabase send selected rows to a database.