Sportscode Drawing Window Overview

IMPORTANT: Refer to the Preferences Section of this man­u­al for your pre­ferred set­tings for this func­tion. It is impor­tant that your set­tings are cor­rect­ly con­fig­ured if this func­tion is to deliv­er opti­mum results.

Fig 106

This win­dow is cre­at­ed by choos­ing File > New > Drawing Window or by select­ing the Drawing Window icon from the Movie Window. The draw­ing win­dow will open as a white­board” in the case of the first option, and in the movie win­dow in the sec­ond option.The draw­ing tools can be used in a Drawing Window, Timeline and Instance Movies.

When the win­dow appears, the float­ing draw­ing tool­bar appears in its last loca­tion or if nev­er opened it will be on left edge of the win­dow. This float­ing tool­bar dis­ap­pears after 2 sec­onds when the win­dow is not the front-most win­dow or when the mouse is not hov­er­ing over the win­dow or a movie window.

Fig 106AThe Floating Drawing Toolbar

The float­ing tool­bar con­tains the mode but­ton an Inspector but­ton and tools for cre­at­ing draw­ing objects. The Toolbar floats” in that when dis­played, it can be moved to any­where in your screen as well as being hid­den. Each draw­ing tool but­ton in the con­trol has 3 states: Not Selected, Selected, and Locked. Only one tool can be active at any one time.

  • Not Selected is when the tool icon is coloured grey.
  • Selected shows the tool graph­ic in blue with a grey back­ground. Once clicked on, the tool can be used once then the con­trol returns to the selec­tor tool.
  • Locked state requires 2 clicks on the but­ton and the tool will remain active until anoth­er tool is select­ed. This allows for con­tin­u­ous draw­ing using the same tool. (The selec­tor tool is always locked when selected.)