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Sportscode Drawing Window Overview

IMPORTANT: Refer to the Preferences Section of this manual for your preferred settings for this function. It is important that your settings are correctly configured if this function is to deliver optimum results.

Fig 106

This window is created by choosing File > New > Drawing Window or by selecting the Drawing Window icon from the Movie Window. The drawing window will open as a “whiteboard” in the case of the first option, and in the movie window in the second option.The drawing tools can be used in a Drawing Window, Timeline and Instance Movies.

When the window appears, the floating drawing toolbar appears in its last location or if never opened it will be on left edge of the window. This floating toolbar disappears after 2 seconds when the window is not the front-most window or when the mouse is not hovering over the window or a movie window.

Fig 106A

The Floating Drawing Toolbar

The floating toolbar contains the mode button an Inspector button and tools for creating drawing objects. The Toolbar “floats” in that when displayed, it can be moved to anywhere in your screen as well as being hidden. Each drawing tool button in the control has 3 states: Not Selected, Selected, and Locked. Only one tool can be active at any one time.

  • Not Selected is when the tool icon is coloured grey.
  • Selected shows the tool graphic in blue with a grey background. Once clicked on, the tool can be used once then the control returns to the selector tool.
  • Locked state requires 2 clicks on the button and the tool will remain active until another tool is selected. This allows for continuous drawing using the same tool. (The selector tool is always locked when selected.)