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Accessing and Creating a Labels Tree

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There are many ways to access a label tree. A Labels tree can be accessed from the Timeline, Sorter window and Movie Organiser window. The most common way is to press the labels button in the timeline window. This will open a labels tree with the labels that were used for

coding the timeline. Once opened this window can be edited and the changes will be saved in the timeline. The window can also be saved like a code window and used to label other timelines and the new label tree data will be saved in those timelines. Opening an existing labels tree is a good place to start when building separate label trees for various coding work flows.

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Labels trees can be created from scratch too. Select File > New > Label Tree. Then add a label in a cell of each row in the first column of the window. When this window is the front most labels tree window, it will be used to create the pop up menu that appears when an instance is right clicked. Save this window by pressing COMMAND+S.

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In SportsCode Elite, a labels tree can be created by right clicking on the Label mode button in a code window. Select export labels from the pop up menu and all the labels will be exported into a new label tree. The label button color will be exported too making it easier to find label sections in the window.