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Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 8.31.37 am

Plays the movie in full screen.

Fig 133A

When an instance is selected the make movie button will open this instance in a separate window and play the movie. More than 1 instance can be selected and the Make Movie button will put all the selected movies in a separate window and play that movie.

Fig 133B

If multiple instances are open it combines the instances into one instance. When multiple instances are open it stacks the instances together so more than one instance is viewable at once.

Fig 133C

When 2 or more instances are selected they a placed in a single movie window.

Fig 133D
Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 9.54.44 am

Place one instance movie on top of another instance movie.

Fig 133E

Flips the movie so that it is horizontal.

Fig 133F

The movie will rotate 90 degrees. Rotate again to flip the movie 180 degrees from when you started to rotate.

Fig 133G

Movie size gets smaller.

Fig 133H

Movie size gets bigger.

Fig 133I

Puts the movie back into its original size.

Fig 133J

The movie goes to 16 x 9 for the format.

Fig 133K

The movie goes to 4 x 3 for the format.

Fig 133L

Movie proportions go back to the original proportions that it started with.

Fig 133M

Close all currently open instance movies in one feature

Fig 137C

Have a clear bold image on the screen of the window that is on top.

Fig 137D

Fade the window so the image becomes more see through.

Fig 137E

The video will be shown in a full screen view, and coding can be continued in the background.

Fig 137F

Notes can be attached to instances while live coding and live games are continuing.

Fig 137G

Standard Apple function. Closes the top window that is open.

Fig 137H

‘Tab” or cycle through windows that are open.

Fig 137I

Show the labels tree for the timeline open.

Fig 137J

When a movie organizer is created off a timeline and labels in the timeline have changed, this function will update the labels tree in the Movie Organizer.

Fig 137K

Show and hide the drawings tool bar.

Fig 137L

Hide any drawings that are showing on the movie.

Fig 137M

The name of the SportsCode timeline that is open.

Fig 137N