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Champion Data AFL Basic

The Champion Data Basic and Enhanced import imports an AFL match data file supplied by the stats provider Champion Data. This import creates instances with labels for player involvements, stoppages and possessions. It is designed to be used with 4 complete quarters of AFL video. The entire match must be in the video in its entirety. If there are missing sections of the video, the instances will not match up to the footage. We suggest breaking the match up into 4 separate movies, then linking the resulting timelines to each video, combining the 4 timelines in order, then save as a standalone package.

The steps for importing the basic version are:

  1. Choose File > Import > Champion Data basic AFL.
  2. A timeline will be created to link the corresponding movie to.
  3. Repeat the process for all quarters.

For better statistical representation in the matrix unselect Merge overlapping instances, this will create instances that are counted in the matrix accurately to a stat sheet. By default, this selected because it creates instances that are longer and easier to view passages of play.

To import the Enhanced version, Choose File > Import > Champion Data enhanced AFL.

Navigate to the XML file provided by Champion Data, select and click the open button. Four timelines will appear after the import is completed.

The enhanced import reads a plist that can be edited to change the way in which the data is interpreted and imported into the timeline. Contact Sportstec support staff to make changes to this file.