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Overlay Text

Fig 7

The overlay text preferences can be set live, so we recommend opening a movie with overlay text, then make changes to the preferences. This will save some time getting the settings perfect.

  • Overlay Text Font size is set by inputting the desired font size in the numerical field.
  • Showing or hiding the Background, Code, Label and Instance Notes components of overlay text is done by ticking the boxes next to each component. Changing colors of overlay text components is done by clicking on the colorwell beside the component and choosing a color. *Sportscode Elite Only.
  • Background and Text overlay opacity of the overlay text can be set by dragging the slider or manually inputting an opacity value. The lower the value, the more invisible the background will be. The background opacity sets the opacity for the background of the text that is displayed where the text overlay opacity sets the opacity for the overall text display of all components.
  • Vertical Text position is changed by moving the slider. The text can be moved to the absolute top and bottom boundaries of the movie frame.