Split Instance Edit

Send an instance to the Sorter, select­ing instance edit, find a point to split the instance, then from the Edit menu select Split instance edit + new draw­ing row”. Draw on the clip using the draw­ing win­dow, then click the Sorter but­ton in the draw­ing win­dow to send your draw­ing clip to the Sorter. When you then make a movie from the Sorter the clip will play, pause for the draw­ing, then con­tin­ue to play.

Editing Labels with the Label Tree Popup

Labels and instance notes can be edit­ed, added, or removed in a cell. Click in the cell change the text, input new text, or delete the text. When adding labels, care must be tak­en that the label is inputted cor­rect­ly in the cell. If a label is mis­spelled or the cap­i­tal­iza­tion is wrong, two dif­fer­ent labels will be cre­at­ed that mean the same thing. To help this prob­lem, the label tree pop­up menu can be accessed in any cell by hold­ing down OPTION and click­ing in a cell.

The label tree pop­up menu will appear and the labels can be added or removed. Using the label tree is the best way to make sure that labels are con­sis­tent­ly inputted in the sorter window.