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Split Instance Edit

Send an instance to the Sorter, selecting instance edit, find a point to split the instance, then from the Edit menu select “Split instance edit + new drawing row”. Draw on the clip using the drawing window, then click the Sorter button in the drawing window to send your drawing clip to the Sorter. When you then make a movie from the Sorter the clip will play, pause for the drawing, then continue to play.

Editing Labels with the Label Tree Popup

Labels and instance notes can be edited, added, or removed in a cell. Click in the cell change the text, input new text, or delete the text. When adding labels, care must be taken that the label is inputted correctly in the cell. If a label is misspelled or the capitalization is wrong, two different labels will be created that mean the same thing. To help this problem, the label tree popup menu can be accessed in any cell by holding down OPTION and clicking in a cell.

The label tree popup menu will appear and the labels can be added or removed. Using the label tree is the best way to make sure that labels are consistently inputted in the sorter window.