Using Instance Movies Chapters Markers

When an instance movie is cre­at­ed from mul­ti­ple instances in a time­line, each instance in the instance movie is marked by a chap­ter mark­er. There are two ways to jump through the chap­ter markers.

  1. In the instance movie, press the TAB key to move for­ward to the next chap­ter mark­er. SHIFT+TAB moves back­wards to the pre­vi­ous chap­ter
  2. Click on the movie chap­ters list icon in the float­ing movie con­troller. A drop down list of chap­ter mark­ings will appear. Click on the instance you want to view.Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 7.57.42 am

Note: A sim­i­lar fea­ture is in the time­line. Select of instances, press CONTROL+TAB to jump to the begin­ning of each instance.SHIFT+CONTROL+TAB will move to the pre­vi­ous instances.