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High-performance video and data on one connected platform

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Screenshot of Wyscout interface on a laptop
Content Solutions


The football library.

The world’s largest football video and stats database.

Play-by-play breakdown of every match

Thousands of players and teams profiled

Dedicated tools for football professionals

Capture Solutions

See everything.

Our smart camera systems record and upload video in real time.

4k and 1080p capture options

Multiple angles stitched into a single, HD panoramic view

Player movement and camera switching technology

System of 3 4k cameras overlooking a stadium
Screenshot of the Sportscode tagging interface
Analysis Solutions

Analysis for every workflow.

Work online, offline and in real time with video and data tools.

Powerful coding tools

Telestration and graphics Studio

Video review from any device

Distribution Solutions

Effortlessly manage assets.

Share data and video from a secure, cloud-based platform.

Centralized video library

Administrative and monitoring control

Customizable clips and playlists

Screenshot of an online film exchange

Hudl Pro Suite Goes Live Across Belgian Football

Professional analyst using Sportscode to tag a match recording

Streamline your workflow.