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Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 9.00.24 am

The version of SportsCode that is currently open and being used.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 8.59.26 am

From time to time SportsCode will have updates that will improve the product. It is recommended to check for updates occasionally.

Fig 130B

if you want the start up screen to show then click this button.

Fig 130C

The Start Up Screen

FIg 130Q

The Preferences can be accessed by clicking this option.

Fig 130D

SportsCode has a default setting for preferences. These preferences can be changed by you at any point. By choosing this option the default settings are restored.

FIg 130E

To use SportsCode a registration code has to be used. If you upgrade or downgrade your level of SportsCode a new registration code will need to be entered.

FIg 130F

A summary of computer system information and SportsCode information

FIg 130G
Fig 130R

A public IP address will be applied to each SportsCode system.

Fig 130H

This will “turn off” external displays which means they will not work. To restart the external displays a restart process needs to be completed.

Fig 130I

Test the speed the hard drive in the computer operates at.

Fig 130J

The license agreement detail.

Fig 130L

Hide the SportsCode windows from viewing on the desktop. Any video that is playing will continue to play.

Fig 130M

Hide other windows on the desktop. This will leave SportsCode available and visible while other applications will be hidden.

Fig 130N

Where either of the hide features have been used, by clicking on this option the hidden applications will be reinstated.

Fig 130o

Completely quit out of SportsCode.

Fig 130P