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Inspector with Drawing Tools

Fig 107F

The Inspector tool assigns Behaviour and Appearance properties to Objects.

Click on the drawing object to highlight it , then select the Inspector button in the menu bar. The Inspector Panel will open.

For all drawing tools, you are able to specify for what duration the highlighted object will be visible. This is effected in the “Appearance Time” section at the base of the Inspector Panel.

For the Line Tool, the Freehand Tool and the Shape Tools you are able to vary the following attributes

  • Shape
  • Fill
  • Stroke type
  • Stroke width
  • Stroke color
  • Geometry

For the Line Tool and Freehand Tool you are also able to choose a shape for the end(s) of the line.

For the Text Tool, the Angle Tool and the Ruler Tool, you are able to choose from the following Text Attributes :

  • Fonts
  • Text color
  • Text geometry / bias

For the Angle Tool and the Ruler Tool you are also able to vary the Stroke Attributes listed above.