Inspector with Drawing Tools

Fig 107FThe Inspector tool assigns Behaviour and Appearance prop­er­ties to Objects.

Click on the draw­ing object to high­light it , then select the Inspector but­ton in the menu bar. The Inspector Panel will open.

For all draw­ing tools, you are able to spec­i­fy for what dura­tion the high­light­ed object will be vis­i­ble. This is effect­ed in the Appearance Time” sec­tion at the base of the Inspector Panel.

For the Line Tool, the Freehand Tool and the Shape Tools you are able to vary the fol­low­ing attributes

  • Shape
  • Fill
  • Stroke type
  • Stroke width
  • Stroke color
  • Geometry

For the Line Tool and Freehand Tool you are also able to choose a shape for the end(s) of the line.

For the Text Tool, the Angle Tool and the Ruler Tool, you are able to choose from the fol­low­ing Text Attributes :

  • Fonts
  • Text color
  • Text geom­e­try / bias

For the Angle Tool and the Ruler Tool you are also able to vary the Stroke Attributes list­ed above.