Sorter Window Overview

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The sorter win­dow is a spread­sheet-style orga­niz­ing and analy­sis tool, a pow­er­ful com­bi­na­tion of the movie orga­niz­er, instance sequencer and sta­tis­ti­cal win­dow. In the sorter win­dow, instancescan be trimmed, labels can be edit­ed, and instance notes added. Rows can be auto­mat­i­cal­ly sort­ed by movie time ref­er­ences, alpha-numer­i­cal­ly, or fre­quen­cy of occur­rence accord­ing to grouped labels. And final pre­sen­ta­tions can be arranged with pic­ture rows cre­at­ed from the draw­ing window.

Fig 99aLike the movie orga­niz­er, rows are cre­at­ed in the sorter win­dow by past­ing instances from a time­line. Select instances in a time­line and press the sorter but­ton in the time­line tool bar. A new sorter win­dow will open auto­mat­i­cal­ly if one is not open. If a sorter win­dow is open, the instances will be past­ed below the last row in the window.

An indi­vid­ual row can be moved ver­ti­cal­ly up or down to change the order by click­ing and drag­ging from the row num­ber. Multiple rows can be select­ed by hold­ing down COMMAND or SHIFT, then moved as a group by click­ing and drag­ging with these keys pressed down.

During the analy­sis process, a high­er lev­el of detail can be added in the sorter win­dow. Any changes made to an instance in the sorter win­dow can be syn­chro­nized with the orig­i­nal time­line.