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Sorter Window Overview

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The sorter window is a spreadsheet-style organizing and analysis tool, a powerful combination of the movie organizer, instance sequencer and statistical window. In the sorter window, instancescan be trimmed, labels can be edited, and instance notes added. Rows can be automatically sorted by movie time references, alpha-numerically, or frequency of occurrence according to grouped labels. And final presentations can be arranged with picture rows created from the drawing window.

Fig 99a

Like the movie organizer, rows are created in the sorter window by pasting instances from a timeline. Select instances in a timeline and press the sorter button in the timeline tool bar. A new sorter window will open automatically if one is not open. If a sorter window is open, the instances will be pasted below the last row in the window.

An individual row can be moved vertically up or down to change the order by clicking and dragging from the row number. Multiple rows can be selected by holding down COMMAND or SHIFT, then moved as a group by clicking and dragging with these keys pressed down.

During the analysis process, a higher level of detail can be added in the sorter window. Any changes made to an instance in the sorter window can be synchronized with the original timeline.