Label Mode

Fig 23d

Label Mode is designed to add or remove labels to and from existing instances in a timeline. While label mode is active, code buttons cannot be used. It is possible to have a code window purely made up of label buttons only. Some events might be coded using code buttons only, providing the skeleton of the events that occurred in the movie. A second pass during the analysis process, labels can be added while reviewing the instances in a looping mode.

Using Label Mode

Select a row of instances in the timeline by clicking on the row number or name. This will highlight all the instances in the row.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 7.53.26 am
  1. Set the playhead prior to the first instance for which you want to start labeling.
  2. Activate Label Mode by clicking on the Label icon in the code window toolbar.
  3. Press the Tab key start the process. The playhead will jump to the instance and start playing the movie. The playhead will continually loop in the instance.
  4. Press the label buttons in the body of the code window to add to the instance. To remove a label, hold down Shift+Option+Command and click on the label button.
  5. Press the Tab again to advance to the next instance. Pressing Shift+Tab will return to the previous instance.
  6. To stop Label Mode, change modes in the code window.

We suggest opening the Edit Instance Labels window (Command+E) to make viewing the labels contained in an instance easier to view. This will update according to the selected instance with the added bonus of being able to easily remove labels.

Once label is active, there are several clever ways to use the feature.

Click and add labels

Select an instance and click on the label buttons to add labels. Select another instance any where in the timeline and repeat the process.

Adding a label to a group of selected instances

Select a group of instances or all instances all instances (Command+A) and click on the label button in the code window. This will add the label to all the selected instances, convenient for adding metadata such as event name or date to a bunch of instances.

Removing a label from a group of selected instances

Select a group of instances or all instances (Command+A), hold down Shift+Option+Command and click on the label button in the code window. The label will be removed from the instances.

If there are duplicate labels, press the label button down multiple times while holding down Shift+Option+Command, each click will remove the label from the selected instances.