General Settings

Video Source : Reflects the attached video sources. Facetime Camera will always be present and any oth­er sources will be list­ed below it.

Video Format : Reflects the for­mats avail­able for the video source select­ed. Frame/​sec : Reflects the out­put select­ed from the record­ing device or inter­face box.

Proportions : Nominally, From Device” is required. Special cas­es, i.e. the use of ADVC-55 with a wide screen input, will require the pro­por­tion set­ting 16 x 9 to be selected.


Audio Format : Choose the com­pres­sion set­tings that you require.

Capture Preset : This is the list of pre­sets avail­able in the pre­sets pane. Will include any per­son­al pre­sets that you have defined.

Audio Channels : Select the num­ber of chan­nels you require.

Movie Segments

Single Movie : Check this box to to cap­ture to a sin­gle file in the movie pack­age. When this option is select­ed a time­line is not cre­at­ed, so no real time analy­sis such as cod­ing or time­line shar­ing can take place.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 2.56.39 pmrec­om­mend sav­ing cap­tured movie pack­ages as stand­alone pack­ages after capture.

Minimum movie seg­ments (5 sec­onds) – This is impor­tant for time­line shar­ing as it is read­ied for access by the time­line share process as quick­ly as pos­si­ble. When a code but­ton has end­ed, it sig­nals the cap­ture win­dow to end the cur­rent movie part that is being cap­tured in order to allow access to the lat­est cap­tured video part in the time­line. So, if the set­ting of a code but­ton was end­ed after 5 sec­onds of a movie part start­ing and this set­ting is set to 1 minute, it will take anoth­er 55 sec­onds for the movie part to be end­ed and ready for view­ing in the time­line. We rec­om­mend using 30 sec­onds for default dura­tion and 10 sec­onds for min­i­mum dura­tion set­tings when using time­line share. Otherwise, use the default settings.