Amisco Data

Amisco sup­plies a data file in their stats pack­age that can be import­ed into SportsCode. To import this data fol­low these steps.

  1. Open a match time­line with movie that cor­re­sponds with the data file to be imported.
  2. Open the match­ing Amisco data file and select all by press­ing COMMAND+A.
  3. Press COMMAND+C to copy the data to the clipboard.
  4. Choose File > Import > Paste Amisco data.
  5. Set the import options accord­ing to what data is required to import and set the lead and lag time for the length the instances.

Tab Delimited Data into select­ed instances

There are occa­sions where data does not con­tain time stamp infor­ma­tion. By cre­at­ing a tab delim­it­ed file from the data and cod­ing some cor­re­spond­ing instances, the data can be import­ed as labels into the cod­ed or specif­i­cal­ly select­ed instances. Each line will be import­ed into each instance respectively.

Here is a brief exam­ple on how this might be done.

  1. Create a tab delim­it­ed file that looks like this. Remember that each label must have a tab in between each oth­er. And each line must end in a car­riage return, not a line feed.

Label 1 Label 3 Label 2

Label 2 Label 4 Label 1

Label 3 Label 1 Label 6

  1. Code a time­line row with 3 instances.
  2. Select the instances in the timeline.
  3. Choose File > Import > Tab delim­it­ed data into select­ed instances
  4. Each line of the tab delim­it­ed file will be import­ed as labels in the cor­re­spond­ing instances.

Line 1 > Instance 1

Line 2 > Instance 2

Line 3 > Instance 3