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Amisco Data

Amisco supplies a data file in their stats package that can be imported into SportsCode. To import this data follow these steps.

  1. Open a match timeline with movie that corresponds with the data file to be imported.
  2. Open the matching Amisco data file and select all by pressing COMMAND+A.
  3. Press COMMAND+C to copy the data to the clipboard.
  4. Choose File > Import > Paste Amisco data.
  5. Set the import options according to what data is required to import and set the lead and lag time for the length the instances.

Tab Delimited Data into selected instances

There are occasions where data does not contain time stamp information. By creating a tab delimited file from the data and coding some corresponding instances, the data can be imported as labels into the coded or specifically selected instances. Each line will be imported into each instance respectively.

Here is a brief example on how this might be done.

  1. Create a tab delimited file that looks like this. Remember that each label must have a tab in between each other. And each line must end in a carriage return, not a line feed.

Label 1 Label 3 Label 2

Label 2 Label 4 Label 1

Label 3 Label 1 Label 6

  1. Code a timeline row with 3 instances.
  2. Select the instances in the timeline.
  3. Choose File > Import > Tab delimited data into selected instances
  4. Each line of the tab delimited file will be imported as labels in the corresponding instances.

Line 1 > Instance 1

Line 2 > Instance 2

Line 3 > Instance 3