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Create/​Add New Code and Label Buttons

Create/​Add New Code Button

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To cre­ate a code but­ton, click and drag the code but­ton icon in the tool bar to the body of the code window.

Create or Add a New Label Button, Inactive or Active Button

To cre­ate or add a Label Button to the Code Window, click and drag the label but­ton icon in the tool bar to the body of the code win­dow. Or cre­ate a Code but­ton and then use the Inspector Panel to change it to a Label but­ton, an Inactive but­ton or an Active but­ton.

Create an Inactive or Action Button

Create a code but­ton, then use the Inspector to change it to an Inactive but­ton or an Action button.

Move Buttons

Click on the but­ton and drag it to the required loca­tion in the win­dow or use the arrow keys to move more precisely.

Move a Group of Buttons

  1. Hold down the Command key and select the but­tons you want to move, or click and drag over the group using the las­so bound­ing box to make the selections.
  2. Click and drag the but­tons to the required position.

Duplicate Buttons

  1. To dupli­cate a but­ton and its prop­er­ties, select the but­ton by click­ing on it once.
  2. Press the Option key and click and drag the dupli­cate to anoth­er loca­tion with­in the Code win­dow.
  3. Name the new but­ton. All the prop­er­ties will be the same as the orig­i­nal except for the Hot Key and the link­ing. A Hot key can only be allo­cat­ed once per code window.
  4. To dupli­cate a but­ton from one code win­dow to anoth­er, press the Option key and click and drag the dupli­cate to the new window.

Duplicate a Group of Buttons

To dupli­cate a group of select­ed but­tons from one code win­dow to anoth­er, press and hold the Command key and click on each but­ton in the group, next press the Option key and click and drag the group to the new window.

Button Layers

Every but­ton cre­at­ed in the code win­dow is on a sep­a­rate lay­er. These lay­ers are not vis­i­ble, and this archi­tec­ture can be used to your advan­tage if required. It is some­times use­ful to over­lap but­tons or hide them.

  1. To move a but­ton to the top lay­er, high­light the but­ton, press Control + Right Arrow key.
  2. To move a but­ton to the bot­tom lay­er, high­light the but­ton, press Control + Left Arrow key.
  3. To move one lay­er at a time, press the Control key and press Arrow Up to move the lay­er up 1 lev­el at a time or press Control key and press Arrow Down to shift the lay­er down 1 lev­el at a time.

(Control+Click) on the but­ton and select the action from the drop down menu.

Note: In a Code Window you may select mul­ti­ple but­tons either by using the Apple las­so” func­tion or by hold­ing down the Command key and indi­vid­u­al­ly click­ing the desired buttons.

Edit Functions

Resize a Button

  1. Click and drag on a resiz­ing knob on any side or cor­ner of the button.
  2. Drag the but­ton to the desired size.

Delete a Button

Click on the but­ton and press Delete on the keyboard.

Edit a Button

To edit the prop­er­ties of a but­ton, open the Inspector . Edit a but­ton dur­ing any mode by select­ing a con­tex­tu­al menu accessed by right click­ing on the button.

Add Background to the Code Window

You may select a col­or or an image as a back­ground for your Code Window.

In Edit Mode, click the Settings but­ton at the right of the Code Window Toolbar.

To select a col­or for the back­ground, click on the Background Color” box to open a palette.

To select an image, click on the Image box to open a file list menu, or click on an image and drag and drop it into the box. Use the drop­down menu attached to the box to manip­u­late the image.

The Inspector Panel 

With Edit mode select­ed in the tool­bar, click on any but­ton to select it. A select­ed but­ton will be sur­round­ed by 8 resiz­ing knobs. Open the Inspector pan­el by click­ing on the Inspector icon in the tool­bar or by dou­ble click­ing on the select­ed button.:

By default the Inspector pan­el will open with the Edit prop­er­ties view open. This pan­el con­tains 4 sections :

  • Fig 32aButton Coding Behaviors and Links
  • Fig 32bAppearance and Geometry
  • Fig 32cAlternate Names 
  • Fig 32 dScript

In the Inspector Panel any box or radio but­ton which can be acti­vat­ed or deac­ti­vat­ed is referred to as a prop­er­ty” because such action will change the prop­er­ty of the button.

To speed up the edit­ing process, leave the Inspector Panel open and click on anoth­er but­ton in the code win­dow. This saves the pre­vi­ous but­ton prop­er­ties and switch­es to the select­ed button.