Sportscode Drawing Tools

Select the tool you wish to use by click­ing on it once. The tool select­ed will be lit with a blue back­ground. To acti­vate the tool click on the movie zone and drag the cur­sor. Activate the Inspector for that tool to change the prop­er­ties from the default. SportsCode stores any amend­ed Inspector prop­er­ties as a new default set­ting. A tool is deac­ti­vat­ed as soon as you dis­con­tin­ue drag­ging the cur­sor. SportsCode will auto­mat­i­cal­ly return to the Selection tool (cur­sor) when the tool is deac­ti­vat­ed.
Drawing Mode

Fig 106C
Any draw­ing object placed in the win­dow when this mode is active will not be saved and will dis­ap­pear as soon as the win­dow frame is advanced.

The Selection Tool
Fig 106DUse the Selection tool to move the posi­tion of draw­ing objects, to vary the size, or to select 1 or more draw­ing objects in the view.

The Straight Line Tool

Fig 106JThe Straight Line tool allows you to draw a straight line. You may repo­si­tion a straight line drawn, and repo­si­tion either end of the line by using the Selection tool.

The Freehand Tool

Fig 106KThe Freehand tool pro­vides you with the abil­i­ty to draw free­hand objects. Objects drawn with this tool will be fixed as to what was drawn once the tool has been deac­ti­vat­ed. You may manip­u­late the posi­tion and over­all dimen­sions by using the Selection tool.

The Shape Tools

Fig 106FThe Shape tool allows you to draw up to 3 vary­ing shapes. Use the Inspector func­tion to choose the shape of the default and to vary the shape of an exist­ing Shape object.

The rec­tan­gle tool draws a four sided rec­tan­gle shape where oppo­site sides are par­al­lel and the cor­ners are square.

The ellipse tool draws an ellipse. When SHIFT is held down a cir­cle can be drawn.

The round­ed rec­tan­gle tool draws a four sided rec­tan­gle shape where oppo­site sides are par­al­lel and the cor­ners are round. There is a han­dle in upper left cor­ner of the shape to change the round­ness of the corners.

The Text Tool

Fig 106GThe text tool cre­ates a text box where text can be inputted. The large but­ton below the text Text Attributes” opens the stan­dard font inspec­tor to allow the user to change the font size, etc. There are also 4 stan­dard text align­ment fea­tures (Align left, Align Middle, Align Right and Justify). Type the text in the text box. You may change the dimen­sions of the text box by using the Selection Tool to drag a cor­ner to your required size. To edit the text, dou­ble click on the text using the selec­tion tool.

Angle Measurement Tool

Fig 106HThe Angle Measurement tool acts ini­tial­ly as a free­hand tool to allow you to draw 2 lines and then dis­play the inter­nal and exter­nal angles between the 2 lines from their point of inter­sec­tion. Use the Selection tool to repo­si­tion the extrem­i­ty points of each line and also the inter­sec­tion point.

Line Measurement Tool

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 2.59.30 pmBy using known dis­tances in a frame of video, you can accu­rate­ly mea­sure oth­er dis­tances rel­a­tive to a known dis­tance. You can use the known dis­tance to set the rel­a­tive scale of the mea­sur­ing tool. By default the line drawn will be divid­ed into 4 equal sec­tions. For greater accu­ra­cy it is rec­om­mend­ed that you select land­mark points in the hor­i­zon­tal plane (x-axis) and in ver­ti­cal plane (the y-axis) as close as pos­si­ble in the view you wish to mea­sure. Double click on the mea­sure­ment dis­played and replace it with your known mea­sure­ment for the dis­tance between the 2 points. (NOTE: If you wish to include a unit mea­sure eg. Metre or ft etc. you must place a space between your numeral(s) and the alphanu­mer­ic text.) This will set your mea­sure­ment scale. Using the Selection tool, repo­si­tion the extrem­i­ty points of the mea­sure to where you want to mea­sure the dis­tance from and to. The mea­sure will dis­play the dis­tance as deter­mined by the scale you had set.

Drawing Window Menu Bar

Fig 106Fig 107

Make Movie

Fig 107ASelect this but­ton to make a movie of your draw­ing win­dow to insert into the Matrix or Movie Organiser.


Fig 107BSelect this but­ton to open the Movie Organiser.


Fig107CSelect this but­ton to open the Sorter.

Clip Duration

Fig 107DSpecify the dura­tion (3 sec­onds by default) of the draw­ing window.

Show or Hide the Drawing Toolbar

Fig 107EClick this but­ton in the Menu Bar to dis­play or hide the Toolbar.

Drawing Inspector

Fig 107FOpen the Inspector for the draw­ing object highlighted.


Fig 107GThe window’s can­vas (white area below the menu bar) is cre­at­ed using, (by default) the dimen­sions of the front-most movie. This may be var­ied by select­ing the Settings icon. This ensures that when the draw­ing is made into a movie that its dimen­sions match those of the movie for which it will be like­ly com­bined, or it will match the movie dimen­sions when sent to the Movie Organizer or Sorter win­dows.