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Sportscode Drawing Tools

Select the tool you wish to use by clicking on it once. The tool selected will be lit with a blue background. To activate the tool click on the movie zone and drag the cursor. Activate the Inspector for that tool to change the properties from the default. SportsCode stores any amended Inspector properties as a new default setting. A tool is deactivated as soon as you discontinue dragging the cursor. SportsCode will automatically return to the Selection tool (cursor) when the tool is deactivated.
Drawing Mode

Fig 106C

Any drawing object placed in the window when this mode is active will not be saved and will disappear as soon as the window frame is advanced.

The Selection Tool

Fig 106D

Use the Selection tool to move the position of drawing objects, to vary the size, or to select 1 or more drawing objects in the view.

The Straight Line Tool

Fig 106J

The Straight Line tool allows you to draw a straight line. You may reposition a straight line drawn, and reposition either end of the line by using the Selection tool.

The Freehand Tool

Fig 106K

The Freehand tool provides you with the ability to draw freehand objects. Objects drawn with this tool will be fixed as to what was drawn once the tool has been deactivated. You may manipulate the position and overall dimensions by using the Selection tool.

The Shape Tools

Fig 106F

The Shape tool allows you to draw up to 3 varying shapes. Use the Inspector function to choose the shape of the default and to vary the shape of an existing Shape object.

The rectangle tool draws a four sided rectangle shape where opposite sides are parallel and the corners are square.

The ellipse tool draws an ellipse. When SHIFT is held down a circle can be drawn.

The rounded rectangle tool draws a four sided rectangle shape where opposite sides are parallel and the corners are round. There is a handle in upper left corner of the shape to change the roundness of the corners.

The Text Tool

Fig 106G

The text tool creates a text box where text can be inputted. The large button below the text “Text Attributes” opens the standard font inspector to allow the user to change the font size, etc. There are also 4 standard text alignment features (Align left, Align Middle, Align Right and Justify). Type the text in the text box. You may change the dimensions of the text box by using the Selection Tool to drag a corner to your required size. To edit the text, double click on the text using the selection tool.

Angle Measurement Tool

Fig 106H

The Angle Measurement tool acts initially as a freehand tool to allow you to draw 2 lines and then display the internal and external angles between the 2 lines from their point of intersection. Use the Selection tool to reposition the extremity points of each line and also the intersection point.

Line Measurement Tool

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 2.59.30 pm

By using known distances in a frame of video, you can accurately measure other distances relative to a known distance. You can use the known distance to set the relative scale of the measuring tool. By default the line drawn will be divided into 4 equal sections. For greater accuracy it is recommended that you select landmark points in the horizontal plane (x-axis) and in vertical plane (the y-axis) as close as possible in the view you wish to measure. Double click on the measurement displayed and replace it with your known measurement for the distance between the 2 points. (NOTE: If you wish to include a unit measure eg. Metre or ft etc. you must place a space between your numeral(s) and the alphanumeric text.) This will set your measurement scale. Using the Selection tool, reposition the extremity points of the measure to where you want to measure the distance from and to. The measure will display the distance as determined by the scale you had set.

Drawing Window Menu Bar

Fig 106

Fig 107

Make Movie

Fig 107A

Select this button to make a movie of your drawing window to insert into the Matrix or Movie Organiser.


Fig 107B

Select this button to open the Movie Organiser.



Select this button to open the Sorter.

Clip Duration

Fig 107D

Specify the duration (3 seconds by default) of the drawing window.

Show or Hide the Drawing Toolbar

Fig 107E

Click this button in the Menu Bar to display or hide the Toolbar.

Drawing Inspector

Fig 107F

Open the Inspector for the drawing object highlighted.


Fig 107G

The window’s canvas (white area below the menu bar) is created using, (by default) the dimensions of the front-most movie. This may be varied by selecting the Settings icon. This ensures that when the drawing is made into a movie that its dimensions match those of the movie for which it will be likely combined, or it will match the movie dimensions when sent to the Movie Organizer or Sorter windows.