Instance Movie Timer

In every instance movie win­dow, the time can be reset to zero at the play­head loca­tion, so time in the movie can be mea­sured from any point.

1. Open an instance movie and move the play­head to some point of inter­est in the movie past the start­ing point.Fig 80

2. Click on the time in the upper left cor­ner. This will reset the time to zero and the font col­or will change to blue.Fig 80a

3. Drag the play­head or play the movie to mea­sure a peri­od of time past this new zero point. The time that pre­sent­ed in blue is the elapsed time from the new zero ori­gin point.Fig 80b

4. Drag the play­head pri­or to the new time ori­gin point and the font col­or will change to red indi­cat­ing neg­a­tive time or the play­head is locat­ed before the new origin.Fig 80c